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Having been a PC user for almost 30 years now, I’ve changed over to an iMac as my primary machine.  (I have Parallels installed, of course, for when I need to do something PC’ish or use some of my more esoteric development software)…  One of the major things that has been driving me MENTAL is the change in keyboard layout… I can handle SPLAT-C and SPLAT-V for cut/paste instead of CTRL-C/V — but why the hell would anyone mess with HOME or END?  Or event some of the more text-editing centric ones like word jumping left and right, and delete word…

Anyway, one of the things I discovered is that with OS X 10.8 onwards, you can just change all of the default mappings easily by adding a new file with the new keyboard macros!

Create a folder in your user Library called KeyBindings and create a file called DefaultKeyBinding.dict and slap this in there…

"\UF729" = "moveToBeginningOfLine:";
"^\UF729" = "moveToBeginningOfDocument:";
"$\UF729" = "moveToBeginningOfLineAndModifySelection:";
"^$\UF729" = "moveToBeginningOfDocumentAndModifySelection:";
"\UF72B" = "moveToEndOfLine:";
"^\UF72B" = "moveToEndOfDocument:";
"$\UF72B" = "moveToEndOfLineAndModifySelection:";
"^$\UF72B" = "moveToEndOfDocumentAndModifySelection:";
"^\UF702" = "moveWordLeft:";
"^\UF703" = "moveWordRight:";
"$\UF700" = "moveUpAndModifySelection:";
"$\UF701" = "moveDownAndModifySelection:";
"$\UF702" = "moveLeftAndModifySelection:";
"$\UF703" = "moveRightAndModifySelection:";
"^$\UF702" = "moveWordLeftAndModifySelection:";
"^$\UF703" = "moveWordRightAndModifySelection:";
"^\U007F" = "deleteWordBackward:";

Looking for the raw key values?  I picked up some really useful ones here…